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of the nfc championship game, final 28-24. jim and john harbaugh going to the super bowl, first time in 18 years that the niners are going. they'll try to join pittsburgh as the only franchise with six super bowl titles. two brothers will be coaching against each other in the super bowl. >> first time that's happened. niner fiver is still high this morning. we have been out live in the city talking to people who are still glowing. >> reporter: good morning. they can't believe it because 18 years is a long time to wait. now we have to wait a little longer, eleven more days until kickoff. you can see the ferry building behind me. probably shortly that light will be turned off. it's flowing red. that light should be on for the next eleven days all the way through to the super bowl. speaking of the super bowl, we're on our way in the celebrations started last night. here's video from the mission district. the reason why we're showing you the mission district in san francisco is because after the giants beat the detroit tigers, this was a troublesome spot for a lot of people. there was vandalis
about jim harbaugh brother john. the head coach of baltimore. >> the 49ers pride is within the bay area after this weekend's a big win against the green bay packers. since we are just days away from the next round the playoffs this sunday, we have been asking you to show us your niner pride. >> we will be right back. >> we have to and pieces of legislation addressing smoking in san francisco will come before the city's board of supervisors at its first regular meeting of the new year to date. the first item would require property owners and the city to tell potential tenants whether smoking is allowed in the mall to unit residential building. the second ordinance being considered by the board would ban smoking at certain street fairs and festivals in the city, including the height ashbury street fair and fell more jazz festival. all the items were unanimously approved by the boards land use and economic development committee last month. >> major damage at a home in larkspur, a 150 ft. redwood tree collapses and crashes into the second story. the tree which that across the street though
for their children. we know that when the children go to school they can usually bring home john set the whole family can get. >> why was it important for you to get here? >> i receive my shot at work. i wanted to come down for my child because we are born on a cruise perry . if you are going to get a flu shot then we wanted to go ahead and get before we leave. >> you could come down here and get registered and you can pay $10 cash or checks. >> we are learning about the bay area's first flu related deaths of the season. santa clara county health officials say that the victim was 98 years old who died earlier this month. she also suffered from a variety of other chronic illnesses including pneumonia. there have now been five reported flu deaths in the state. health officials said that the worst may still be coming. >> we have an update now on that attempted kidnapping in san jose that we reported earlier this week. police say that it was all made up. according to investigators, the mother has admitted to making up the story. she initially told police a man tried to wrestle third heart three year-old
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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